Thursday, October 25, 2012

Krigler Is The Luxury Fragrance On My Wish List!

Krigler LogoI first ran across Krigler during my search for the best and most luxurious fragrances available on the market.

Once I read about their fragrances and rich history I absolutely had to try some for myself!




About the company:

Alvert Krigler created his first perfume in 1879 called pleasure gardenia. In 1904 he opened his very first fragrance house.  In the 1920's his perfumes were rose to fame his scents that were inspired by places like Monte Carlo, the Italian Rivera and the Mediterranean were coveted by celebrities and royals of the era. Mr. Krigler sadly passed away in 1955.

In the 1960's Albert Krigler's great granddaughter Kri Kri decided to carry on the family legacy using 200 scents she discovered in the families archives and generations of experience.

Today, Krigler is still an impeccable quality luxury brand! In addition to their classic fragrances they also offer custom fragrance, bath, and body products.



About the products:

I had the opportunity to sample two of Krigler's newest fragrances. Splendid Gold 211 and Oud Azur. These fragrances are of an unimaginable quality and completely intoxicating. Immediately upon opening the bottles I knew that this was unlike anything I've tried before.

The scents are ultra pure and highly concentrated, so I only need to use the tiniest drop to get an amazing fragrance that will last ALL day.

Krigler Splendid Gold 211 fragrance
Splendid Gold 211
$165 for 1.7 fl. oz; $255 for 3.4 fl. oz

Think the epitome of elegance embodied in a scent.

This new fall fragrance from Krigler is inspired by gold. Splendid Gold 211 is truly probably my favorite fragrance of all time so far. For me it's just one of those smells that I catch a whiff of and find myself taking a deep breath and letting my whole body relax. It's truly something special.

Splendid Gold 211 Scent Notes:
Australian Amber and Pineapple top notes mingle with Bergamot, Peach and Star Jasmine, creating a lavish finish with notes of Lily, Tobacco, Sandalwood, Musk and Vanilla.

Krigler OUD Azur 75212 fragrance

Oud Azur 75212
$235 for 1.7fl.oz; $325 for 3.4fl.oz

Think a woodier, musky rendition of royalty.

One of the newest additions to Krigler's Oud for Highness collection, Oud Azur 75212 is inspired by the French Riviera. A bright and fresh take with just a hint of the orient. I really love to wear this one when I'm doing something active and fun! Oud Azur 75212 is just a very cheery happy scent.

Oud Azur 75212 Scent Notes:
White Pepper from Sumatra, Ginger from India and Rose from Provence mingle with notes of Sicilian Papyrus Wood and Oud from South East Asia, leading to a heady, sumptuous finish of Musk, Australian Amber, Oliban and Leather.



Every year for Christmas, all my life my dad would purchase a new perfume for my mom. I'm hoping that we can continue that tradition now that I have a family of my own.

The Krigler perfumes are certainly an indulgence at their price point, but they are something you've truly got to experience to believe it. The quality of Krigler perfumes would be tough to match even by the most prestigious of brands.

I only wish I had a lot more of their scents! Fortunately Krigler sells samples right on their site so it's not a huge commitment to figure out which ones is perfect for you.

The Splendid Gold 211 is at the top of my Christmas fragrance wish list!

What are you hoping to get this year for the holidays? What scent can you not live without? Tell me all about it in the comments or you can find me Facebook and Twitter! Can't wait to talk to you!


  1. Sounds like it smells really awesome! I never wear perfume, but then again I've never found one that I like. This might just be different

  2. I LOVE perfume!! When your feeling down and out a great scent lifts your spirits! This will be a MUST buy now!! Thank you for the wonderful article!

  3. Oh, it truly sounds luxurious! What a great gift to find under the tree this Christmastime. I'll have to be sure to leave this review up for the hubby to find when he next gets on the PC.

  4. HINT! HINT! Why didn't I think of that? :)

  5. Oh @disqus_XzaTLLT2nf:disqus you'd just die to this one it's amazing!

  6. @facebook-1635941364:disqus don't quote me on this but I'm fairly certain most if not all ingredients are natural as well.

  7. I would love to have this for christmas. The bottles remind me of vintage hollywood glam. I've never experienced Krigler before, but after seeing the bottles, and reading your article I I would totally want to try them.

  8. The Splendid Gold sounds heavenly. I'm not really in to strong scents but this sounds like something I might like. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sounds amazing! I am actually on the hunt for the perfect new 'wedding day' scent. Now I have added thes to the list!

  10. Oooh! I bet I would love Oud Azur 75212 - I am a big fan of oriental scents. I really miss Xia Xiang that was discontinued several years ago. It was my signature fragrance. I'll have to look into the sample of Oud Azur 75212 and see if I have found a new fave! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This perfume sounds amazing. I have been looking for the perfect gift for my mom!!

  12. Sound fabulous, I love the history of the company Tyvm xo

  13. i wanna try this wow