Friday, January 18, 2013

Parian Spirit and Japonesque parting ways :(

Parian Spirit and Japonesque Parian Brush CleanerSad news today for lovers of the Japanesque’s Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner… 

After 15 years, Parian Spirit and Japonesque have called it quits. Parian Spirit will no longer be manufacturing Japonesque’s makeup brush cleaner.





It seems so odd that we won’t be able to get the same brush cleaner from Japanesque that they have been promoting for all of these years. No details were given as to why but after 15 years of doing business together the two brands are calling it quits. 

No need to worry your pretty little heads! If you’re a love of the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner you can buy it directly from the manufacturer! Parian Spirit will be selling a 4 oz pump through the website at!

From Parian Spirit:

“Parian Spirit was developed in 1995 by Maro and Levon Parian as an alternative for the toxic
chemicals that were being used as brush cleaners. Using food grade materials Parian Spirit
quickly revolutionized the industry with it’s slogan, “Cleans Conditions and Disinfects.” But this
was not just a slogan, the product really does what it says: cleaning everything from oil based
makeups and clays to hardened acrylic, latex and glues including spirit gum and medical
adhesives. The citrus oil reconditions the bristles of the brush as the alcohol disinfects it
leaving your brushes clean, sanitized and like new.”

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