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Natural Spring Look Tutorial With Painted Earth Cosmetics

Painted Earth LogoI recently discovered a new natural skincare and cosmetics brand called Painted Earth. I went on a total spree and got a ton of products from the company. After trying them out I’m quite surprised that they are natural at all. I really wasn’t expecting the great quality I got while still being mindful of the ingredients!
In the spirit of the name Painted Earth I created an easy to follow fresh and natural look for the spring!

I love natural makeup looks . There is nothing better than when someone sees you and says “WOW!  I wish I had your skin!”. You secretly know you’re just using great products!
I used 10 products from Painted Earth for this fresh daytime look. I was inspired by the name Painted Earth and the concept of keeping things natural.
Before starting my look I exfoliated with Painted Earth’s Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Scrub which smells so good you are going to have to remind yourself not to put it on toast and eat it up.
Instead of my normal primer I used their Oil Defense Protection Day Moisturizer SPF15 for just a touch of sun protection and to help my foundation glide on easier!


This look was incredibly simple to do! Perfect for the office or a day at the park, give it a try! I have included a face chart so you can get a real visual of exactly where color was applied!
Painted Earth Cosmetics Tutorial Face Chart

Step One: Conceal

I used the Mineral HD Concealer in Light which is a super creamy full coverage concealer perfect for those of us with fine lines.
I applied the concealer using a flat concealer brush to any spots where I had acne and discoloration. I also applied a little under my eyes starting at the lash line and blending down to cover my dark circles.

Step Two: Foundation

Painted Earth BB CreamSince this is a natural look I wanted a foundation that would be light and wear all day without getting cakey. I choose the Painted Earth BB Cream in light. I would describe the BB Cream as a medium coverage dewy finish.
I applied it the old school way just using my fingers to add a few dots to each cheek, the forehead, the middle of the nose, and the chin. Then I spread it evenly toward the outside of the face. I also swiped just a bit right over my eyelids to even the color out getting ready for my eyeshadow.

Step Three: Contour

I used the Perfect Every Thyme Baked Mineral Foundation in Dover Beige. This product is a super light coverage in terms of foundation but oh man it’s great for highlighting! It’s a powder that has a luminous glow to it, not dewy, not shimmering or sparkling, but luminous like a true healthy glow.
I chose a shade about one tone lighter than my natural skin tone to bring a little light to the parts of my face where I wanted it.  I applied the powder just above my cheek bones, a pop on the chin, down the center of the nose, and up to the center of my forehead.

Step Four: Blush

I choose the Silk Radiance Mineral High Lite Powder. This is probably one of my favorite products used in this tutorial. It has four shades of blush and highlighter combined into a gorgeous floral design that reminds me of spring. There is an almost fleshtone pink, a vibrant mauve, a fresh peach, and a soft pinkish beige. The diversity makes this a great fit for nearly any skin color. The whole palette has a subtle shimmer.
I swiped my brush across all of the colors in the palette. Applying it at the bottom edge of my cheek bones for a little more contour and that fresh pop of pink.

Step Five: Eyeliner

I wanted a really tight clean line. I decided to meet in the middle of a liquid and pencil and go with the SuperWear Pen EyeLiner in Black. It’s a super easy to use marker style eyeliner with an ultra fine point.  Tip: You should always store this type of liner with the tip facing down so it doesn’t dry out.
I applied a thin line to my upper lash thickening it up just a little bit toward the outside of the eye for some dimension. I also applied a super thin line using a light hand on my lower lash line getting as close to in-between the lashes themselves as possible without going into the waterline.

Step Six: Eye Shadow

I wanted to keep the eye shadow super simple for this look. I choose two colors and two formulas a pressed Polychromatic Eyeshadow in Mirror Mirror which is a silvery white and loose Shimmer Powder in Kirby which is a soft peachy taupe. I noticed that the pressed were significantly less pigmented than the loose powders which makes buying both a totally reasonable thing to do. One for highlights and sheer wear and one for a blast of color!
I started by patting Kirby all over the lid stopping at the crease. I kept patting until I had a good color saturation. I then used a fluffy blending brush to diffuse the lines where I had applied the shadow. I used a flat liner brush to lightly line my lower lash using the same color.
I used the Mirror Mirror to bring in some highlights. I lightly applied the color in a U shape from the start of my eyebrow and downward to just under the eye following the contour of my nose and inner eye using a normal eyeshadow brush. I then highlighted the outer edge of my brow bone using the same brush.

Step Seven: Mascara

Painted earth has a bunch of types of mascara but I decided to use the LashLuxe Mascara because I love the rubber brushes for getting all of those little tiny lashes on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. I do wish the brush had been tapered at the end to make getting those lashes even easier. The formula was quite wet and to my surprise wasn’t clumpy or messy like most wet formulas. No lash left behind is my policy!
I did three coats of this mascara. The first coat I put the brush all the way to the base and wiggle it out.. I give my bottom lashes just a tap. For the second and third I only apply mascara to the tips of my lashes once to the bottom of the lashes, wait a minute, and again on the top.

Step Eight: Lips

I’m crazy for the Baby Hint of Mint lipglosses. I like my gloss to have just a touch of smell or flavor. These kind of smell and taste like a mild toothpaste which I really enjoyed. They made my mouth feel fresh! These are far from sticky! They are thicker than a lip butter but have a similar mouth feel. The pigmentation is great and they last for hours.
I combined two colors for my look. I used the Victorian Charm which is deep mauve color. I loved the color but it was a little too intense for this look so I tamed it with just a touch of the Mint Hush Pink which is a super neutral and light shimmer.
So that’s it! Our super simple natural spring look using all natural products! You can learn more about Painted Earth and pickup all the products used in this article at
What do you think? What’s your favorite part about spring?


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